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Have you ever experienced that feel that there is a perfect word out there to describe everything you wish to say? A perfect word that encompasses more than any other word could. And the sheer joy you experience when you discover said word? Okay. So maybe you aren’t such a nerd but I’m sure you can relate at least a little. There is actually a psychological disorder that makes a person unable to properly articulate their thoughts or forget key words or names. It is called Lethologica; pretty sure I have this. It doesn’t affect me much when I write but almost always when I speak. But really that was a side note. Another side note: My mom hated when I took psycology becasuse I would always come home having self diagnosed myself with one disorder or another.
Back to the perfect word. I often turn to the thesaursus when writing essays or papers because so many words can have almost identical meanings yet can also mean something more. I love going and finding the original orgins of words. I used to do that when coming up with names for pieces I did in art school. I love to try and find words with multiple meanings. One piece I did I titled “Tainted“, which most people know to mean contaminated or affected negatively but the original Latin tingere meant ‘to dye, tinge’.
I got in to a debate with one of my instructors over a word in my grad paper. I had chosen, very carefully, the word suggestive to describe something. It is not a complex word but it said exactly what I wanted it to. His thought was that people often think suggestive to mean something scandalous or sexual. I wanted it to mean exactly what it says, to suggest something, doesn’t have to be sexual, could be anything. It seemed simple to me. Suggestive means to suggest. The piece was very minimalist and the idea was that I didn’t want to tell anyone want to think about it or how to feel about it. I simply wanted them to let the piece speak to them anyway that it did. Anyway, I won, it was my paper and that was the word I wanted. I doubted anyone would be reading it besides me or my instructor. Grad papers are not exactly riveting reads for most people.

Here is a picture of Tainted, in case you were curious.

100% hand dyed, hand woven silk

100% hand dyed, hand woven silk

I have been debating starting a blog for quite some time but keep putting it off. There was a voice in my head saying I shouldn’t start until I had some sort of theme. Most blogs that I look at have a theme whether it is cooking, crafting, fashion or life stories. For the life of me I could not decide! So another voice in my head (I’m wondering how many voices warrants a trip to a therapist) told me that if I want to write I need to just jump in and start writing. I have a tendency to “write” in my head. I’m not talking about vague ideas, I mean I literally plan out every single word that I want to eventually write. Problem is that I very rarely actually write it down anywhere; it just sits in my head for the rest of time. So my new plan of action is to just write, actually write, not mentally write, and see what comes out. So to any one reading this here is my warning: I have no idea what this blog will become. Ideally, as I go on a theme will develop, but then again that may never happen. I tend to be a fairly random person who rarely sticks to one thing. So expect randomness!

That is all for now.