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The saga of Jeffery the Squirrel:

He may look cute and innocent but don't be fooled!

He may look cute and innocent but don’t be fooled!

Saga may be a strong word for this tale but I wanted to give the proper dramatic weight that the situation required. Two mornings in a row a black fluffy squirrel has decided that my house is the perfect winter getaway spot for him, and possibly his small squirrel family. This is our story.

It all started the other day when my boyfriend was about to leave for work. He opened the door and was shocked to discover a squirrel sitting on our door step. Not on the path leading to the door, but the actual door step. We live on the main floor of a duplex, which is now a four-plex, and our level is lifted above the ground so the basement has windows. So not only did Jeffery scurry to our door, he hopped up the six, or so, steps, crossed the mini porch and sat inches from the door. Thankfully we have a screen door or he probably would have scampered right inside and made himself at home!

I was a little scared by him as I have had some dicey encounters with squirrels in the past. When I was younger my sister tried shaking a birch tree so that a squirrel would fall on me. Luckily no one, squirrel included, was injured during this stunt. Also, while working at a golf course, my cart was attacked by a gang of overly bold, fluffy tailed rodents. So needless to say I am not a fan of these creatures.

The second day it was my turn to open the door to discover Jeffery sitting at the door staring at me with his evil, beady, little eyes. I’m not proud to admit it, but I acted very much like the girl I am, and squealed. How was I supposed to get to work with this black beast blocking my way?! I couldn’t even open the screen door he was so close. We proceeded to both stare the other down. Hoping the opponent would cave and retreat. I mustered up my courage and figured if I opened the door he would run away. I took a deep breath and as I reached for the handle he charged! I ran back into the house.

And that is how I played chicken with a squirrel and sadly was defeated.

I still see Jeffery around the property and I see the mocking in his eyes. I was shamefully defeated. By a squirrel.