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When I was younger it all seemed simple. I knew what was coming. I would finish high school, go to university, get a job, get married etc. It didn’t matter yet what type of job I would get, I couldn’t decide anyway, I could do whatever it was that I wanted.

Fast forward to the present. I did everything I was supposed to. Went through school on the honor roll, got into whatever university I applied to, got whatever summer job I really wanted. Then it all stopped. All of a sudden, even with a degree, I can’t even get an interview to entry level positions. When I was in school I didn’t do your standard retail or fast food jobs. I worked in local museums and galleries thinking in the long run that would look better on a resume than McDonald’s. Sadly, now there is a recession, which means little to no funding to any type of job I’m actually trained to do. I probably couldn’t get a retail job now if I wanted to. Essentially everyone has more experience than I do in that field considering I have about zero. Oh wait, I worked at the gift shop in the galleries, maybe that counts.

We were raised believing we could do whatever we wanted and if we worked hard enough we would succeed. We believed this because it worked for our parents’ generation. Employers would take a chance on you even if you didn’t have the exact requirements. Entry level jobs meant you would be trained and could work your way up. Getting a job meant you could afford an apartment, a car and maybe a house if the job was good enough. You got benefits! My mom worked as a cashier at a grocery store after high school, got paid about $20/hour with full benefits. Can you imagine that today? You are lucky if you get more than minimum wage and forget about any kind of health care plan.

I always wonder if maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems. Maybe I have been spoiled expecting to be able to get a job that pays for me to have a decent apartment out of university. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect to get more than minimum wage after all my years of schooling. I would get excited about finding a job that would pay $2000/month and my dad says that I can’t even afford to live on that. So maybe no one knows what to expect. All I can do is keep putting my resume out there and hope I finally get a call.

Now to remember the good old days…

“Old Economy Steven”

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