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Ah salon days! They are like a mini vacation and depending on the salon, could cost nearly as much. If you have never experienced a ‘salon day’ I would highly reccommend it. You come out feeling refreshed and pretty. The whole time you are there people tell you how good you look, what a great color your hair is going to be and essentially just make you feel good. They bring you coffee or tea and all the trashy magazines you could ever want. It is quite lovely.
It had been quite a while since I had my hair colored. I had recently moved so I didn’t have a hair dresser or a job to pay for it, so I kept putting it off. Normally, when you have colored hair, you get it done about every 6 weeks, tops. You really don’t want to wait any longer than that. I was going on 3 months. It was bad. Fortunately, I am skilled in the art of cleverly hiding my roots. Tip: Roots are much less noticable if you curl your hair. So here I am, with 3 months worth of roots coming out and I am getting people complimenting me on my hair! I thought they were clearly insane, obviously this was not an intentional look. Apparently, if one was to look through magazines, it is.

To be clear, my hair was not ombre. It was at one time platinum blonde but now had my dirty blonde colored roots coming through. According to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, it is a “look”. Well, good to know! Maybe now I can save some money. If people are going to still think my hair looks good when I have inches of roots who needs the salon! Here I am, hiding my roots with shame, thinking I looked trashy when in reality I’m in style. Who would have thought.

There is a song by Ani Difranco that has a great line: “God help you if you are an ugly girl, ‘course too pretty is also your doom, ’cause everyone harbors a secret hatredĀ for the prettiest girl in the room”. I always loved that line. It is a perfect example of how no matter how you look you get judged. Maybe it is in everyone’s best interest to be average looking. I feel on a scale of 10, people who are a 3 to an 8 probably get by fine, it’s the two extremes that have to deal with the most scrutiny.

It is always said that girls are worse when it comes to judging each other. I am not sure why but we, as a gender, tend to try and cut each other down. Even images that are supposed to empower one type of look usually only does it by bringing down all others. I am sure you have seen things on the internet that say things such as “real women are curvy” or ” real men want curves, only dogs go for bones”. Sure, that’s great if you are a curvy women but what about all the other body types? Because they aren’t curvy they aren’t “real”? I feel like statements like that are completely hypocritical. They are trying to make a statement about magazine images and saying not all women look like that but in the process they are essentially making the same statements the magazine images are; that all women should fit a certain mould.

I am not a scientist, nor am I a doctor but as far as I know physical appearance does not have any affect on intelligence or ability. Yet people are frequently judged like the two are connected. Why is there the stereotype that if you are attractive you are dumb, self involved and mean? Being unattractive does not make someone intelligent. If anything a person’s actions could be altered by how they are treated based on their looks but then whose fault is that?

I have always disliked negative sales pitches, whether it is in advertising or in politics, it turns me off. I want to know why your product/candidate is qualified not why the opponent isn’t. Something that really bothered me recently was this past winter when Justin Trudeau was running for leadership of the Liberal Party (in Canada, for those outside my country). I noticed that a lot of comments were made about his appearance. People tried to imply that because he was attractive (and has excellent hair) he somehow was less qualified to be in the running for Prime Minister. Attack ads were made from clips of him modeling at a charity event. How is that a bad thing? I will never understand the logic but some of his biggest “flaws” that have been highlighted often refer to his looks and “young” age (he is 41). It isn’t like he is some random guy who woke up one day and said “hey, I think I’m going to try and become the Prime Minister”, politics are in his blood. His grandfather served in the cabinet and his father was Prime Minister! I mean it is what he grew up with, I’m sure he knows a thing or two.

Anyway, this was a pretty random post, went on some tangents, took a few loops. Hope you stayed on for the ride!