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I have never understood how some people absolutely hate Valentine’s Day. I understand indifference but hate seems extreme. Every year there are always those people who complain and rant about how Valentine’s Day is so pointless, how depressing it all is or how it is just a commercial holiday. One of the most common excuses I usually hear (mostly from men) is, ‘why should I show affection on a given day, isn’t it better to show it all the time?’ Why yes, that would be lovely but how many people do that? The nice thing about Valentine’s Day is it gives you an excuse to do nice things for the people you care about. Tell them you love them, send a little card, give some yummy treats. In my opinion, the problem with Valentine’s Day is people thinking that they have to spend tons of money. Personally I think it is more about being thoughtful. If you want to spend a bunch of money on something thoughtful please don’t let me stop you but if you are spending money just because you think you have to it is kind of pointless. Valentine’s Day, to me, is about doing little things to make other people happy and let them know you care. Plus all the chocolate isn’t exactly terrible! If you don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with that shouldn’t stop you. Send a card or note to your friend or your sister. Hang out with friends. It is a day to spend with people you care about, it doesn’t always have to be romantic. Just spread some love, that’s what it is all about!

Stop the hate, spread the love…


This is a great little comic I came across by The Oatmeal, warning: may be inappropriate for some viewers, for everyone else it is pretty good! http://theoatmeal.com/blog/valentines_day