I have a theory about the attraction of the “bad boy”. Well, I have a lot of theories but this is the one I have been thinking about.

Bad boys: apparently they are what most girls want. Is that true? Who knows. Not the point. The point is why they might be an attractive option.

When you date someone you know is probably going to hurt you it changes things. Sure, he might be charming and exciting but there is a part of you that assumes it won’t last. Eventually he will hurt you, cheat, or disappoint in some way. But you expect this. If/when it happens you are at least a bit prepared. You didn’t see it lasting forever anyway.

Now, with “good guys” it is different. You let yourself trust them, you feel safe and secure. He would never do anything to hurt you because he is so kind and caring. So when it happens, when he lets you down, it crushes you. It was like you were walking along in the country side and all of a sudden a 747 runs you over. Didn’t see that one coming! It hurts so much more because you weren’t prepared, you never saw it coming.

All of a sudden the “bad boy” doesn’t seem like such a bad choice. At least for a little while.