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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Since I am moving (once again) I have recently been looking for a new job. While killing time on Pinterest I kept coming across links to articles about interviewing tips and the like. I have always done quite well in interviews, probably because my response to nerves is to smile and laugh and so people generally find me pleasant. I thought it might be interesting to look over these articles and see if I am doing what they suggest. The main thing that seemed to stick out is that standing out, in anyway that shows personality, is considered a negative. I was quite shocked by this. I always thought that showing a bit of individuality was a good thing and made you stand out from the rest of the herd vying for the position. While there are people that take this approach to heart on reality shows ie. acting crazy or coming in with a get-up, that is not the kind of attention I’m talking about. This article went so far as to decree what color you should wear. So basically, if everyone read this article they would come in with their hair in a pony tail, navy blue suit and low heels (yes, I’m speaking from a female’s point of view, sorry men). Well, that rules me out! I own a shocking amount of black in my wardrobe (black is considered too harsh apparently), I have short hair and a nose ring. When I go into interviews I like to dress professionally but with a twist. Something as simple as vintage jewelry, it looks nice and generally comes up in conversation. According to experts I should do poorly in interviews yet that is not the case (thankfully!). While I disagree, I suppose I understand where this advise is coming from. I guess the way they see it is that standing out could be positive but it could also be negative and to avoid anything negative one should play it safe. It makes sense, kind of, but at the same time I feel a little like I’m lying or at least playing a part. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where we could be ourselves and not have to manipulate people’s perception of us?

I have been debating starting a blog for quite some time but keep putting it off. There was a voice in my head saying I shouldn’t start until I had some sort of theme. Most blogs that I look at have a theme whether it is cooking, crafting, fashion or life stories. For the life of me I could not decide! So another voice in my head (I’m wondering how many voices warrants a trip to a therapist) told me that if I want to write I need to just jump in and start writing. I have a tendency to “write” in my head. I’m not talking about vague ideas, I mean I literally plan out every single word that I want to eventually write. Problem is that I very rarely actually write it down anywhere; it just sits in my head for the rest of time. So my new plan of action is to just write, actually write, not mentally write, and see what comes out. So to any one reading this here is my warning: I have no idea what this blog will become. Ideally, as I go on a theme will develop, but then again that may never happen. I tend to be a fairly random person who rarely sticks to one thing. So expect randomness!

That is all for now.